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Customize Consumer

Customize Consumer User Journey using the Console

The Enterprise Administrator uses the Console to define and customize the user journeys that the Buyer would follow on over the Messenger chat.

Purchasing products or services, booking appointments, availing location based information, querying account or service information are some of the wide range of journey’s possible. Console supports multi-level information access based on profiles.

New Product

Add & Edit New Products/Service in under a minute

The Enterprise Administrator can add new products or modify existing products in under a minute, using the Product cards.

The Product cards can be populated by auto-importing product details from Etsy, Ebay & Amazon.

Multiple Images

Add Multiple Images per

Multiple Images can be added per Product to give the consumer a better understanding of the product. The Enterprise Administrator can add a cover image and an additional 9 images.

New Product

Decide when the Product/Service gets published & when it’s off the market

The Enterprise Administrator can now configure the start date and also the end date ( optional) for when the product/service will be visible to the end consumer over the platform. The Enterprise Admin can also configure whether it should be included in a specific offering category like New Arrivals, Best Sellers etc.

Multiple Images

Selective Publish

LiteBlu gives the Enterprise the ability to selectively publish only some of the edited cards & details. So that you have the freedom to save & publish unfinished changes later.

Customizable Message

Customizable Message
& Email Response

Every Enterprise has its own unique way of communicating with its consumers. And so it should be. This is why the Enterprise can edit & customize all the communications between the Enterprise & the consumer over messages & emails, so as to best support their brand tone & any ongoing campaigns.

Select Delivery Options

Select Delivery Options

LiteBlu gives the Enterprise the ability to enable various delivery options across geographies, parcel size, time to deliver etc. These delivery options can then specifically be associated with each of the products as appropriate so that you as a merchant can make the best service available to your end customer.

Enable Purchase

Enable Purchase

The platform not only showcases your products and services to the consumer, but also enables them to commit to a purchase through either a Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer or over PayPal.

We will shortly be adding other payment options as well.

Mute / Unmute to step in

Mute / Unmute to step in
whenever you want to

Sometimes your agents or you might want to just step in a chat just to add that extra touch to customer care. So whenever you want, just by sending a single message you can mute LiteBlu and whenever you are logging off, just ‘Unmute’ and LiteBlu swings back in action.

Use Cases

Dentists Dentists & General

Appointment Bookings, Medicine Reminders & Alerts, Advisory, Telemedicine.

High Street High Street

Catalogues, Appointments, Purchases, Updates, Collection Alerts

Employee Care Employee Care

Expense Claims, Leave Requests, Reporting, Information Broadcasts

Student Self Service Student Self Service
& Institute Process

Virtual Study Buddy - access to Courseware & Lectures, Broadcasts, Payments, Reminders, Personalized recommendations, Internship information, Events participation, Perks.

Fashion Fashion
& Jewellery

Commerce, Catalogues, Alerts for New Arrivals & Reserved items, Open house events & Shows, FAQs.

Real Estate Real Estate Agencies

Across Rental & Sale: New Arrivals, Search based New Sale & New Rent, Post Rental contract life cycle, support & reminders, renewals, FAQs

Accounting Account Firms

Submission Reminders for the 21/25 key submissions, Expense Management, Submission of artefacts, Book Appointments, VC/Voice based consultation

Show & Event Show & Event Booking

Ticket booking & Payment, Venue selection, Recommended Shows, Offers & Perks

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Hashblu is a commerce and customer engagement SaaS platform for Enterprises over the next generation of digital channels like Chat, Voice Assistants, IoT consumer devices & much more. It’s the next generation Omnichannel Platform that mainly leverages Closed Domain Artificial Intelligence to make customer Self Service – Simple, Secure, Instant and Intuitive.

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